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Verumus records information when we operate and provide our services, including when users install, access, or use our services.
We collect your Account Information such as your email, Google account, FB account or mobile phone number you use to create an account, as well as phone numbers in your mobile address book you provide on a regular basis, including those of both the users of our services and your other contacts. When creating an account you are confirming that you are authorized to provide us such information. You may also add other information to your account, such as a profile name, profile picture, and status message. 
We do not retain your messages in the ordinary course of using our services. Once your messages are delivered, they are deleted from our servers. Your 3D and 4D assets, 3D note tags and location information are exchanged peer-to-peer. Your spacebAR Spaces are stored on your own device. If a message cannot be delivered immediately (for example, if you are offline), we may keep it on our servers for up to 30 days as we try to deliver it. If a message is still undelivered after 30 days, we delete it. To improve performance and deliver AR messages efficiently, such as when many users are interacting continuously in spacebAR Spaces with 3D assets, we may retain that content on our servers for a longer period of time. We also offer end-to-end encryption by default. End-to-end encryption means that spacebAR Spaces and assets in the Spaces are encrypted to protect against us and third parties from reading them. To organize efficient communication with others, we may create a favourites list of your contacts for you, and you can create, join, or get added to groups associated with your account information. You may provide us with information related to your use of our services, including copies of your spacebAR Spaces, and how you may be contacted so we can provide you with customer support.
We automatically collect information about usage and log information. We collect service-related, diagnostic, and performance information. This includes information about your activity (such as how our services are used, how you interact with others using our services, and the like), log files, and diagnostic, crash, website, and performance logs and reports. If you pay for our services, we may receive information and confirmations, such as payment receipts, including from app stores or other third parties to process payments. We collect device-specific information when you install, access, or use our services. This includes information such as hardware model, operating system information, browser information, IP address, mobile network information including phone number, and device identifiers. We collect device location information if you use our location features, such as when you choose to share your location with your contacts, and the like, and for diagnostics and troubleshooting purposes such as if you are having trouble with our app’s location features. We collect information about your online and status message changes on our services, such as whether you are online (your “online status”), when you last used our services (your “last seen status”), and when you last updated your status message. 
We receive information other people provide us, which may include information about you. For example, when other users you know use our Services, they may provide your phone number from their mobile address book (just as you may provide theirs), or they may send you a message, send messages to groups to which you belong, or call you. We work with third-party providers to help us operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our Services. For example, we work with companies to distribute our apps, provide our infrastructure, delivery, and other systems, supply map and places information, process payments, help us understand how people use our Services, and market our Services. These providers may provide us information about you in certain circumstances; for example, app stores may provide us reports to help us diagnose and fix service issues. We allow you to use our Services in connection with third-party services. If you use our Services with such third-party services, we may receive information about you from them; for example, if you use the spacebAR share button on a news service to share assets with your spacebAR contacts, groups, or broadcast lists on our Services, or if you choose to access our Services through a mobile carrier’s or device provider’s promotion of our Services. Please note that when you use third-party services, their own terms and privacy policies will govern your use of those services. 
We use all the information we have to help us operate, provide, improve, understand, customize, support, and market our Services. We also use your information to respond to you when you contact us. We use cookies to operate, provide, improve, understand, and customize our Services. We verify accounts and activity, and promote safety and security on and off our Services, such as by investigating suspicious activity or violations of our Terms, and to ensure our Services are being used legally. 
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